Cartels are small workgroups that allow each cartelisand to research their own question regarding a shared theme. It is a primary mode of psychoanalytic study within the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). Thus the cartel, supervision, and personal analysis are considered the three pillars of analytic formation. In his “Founding Act,” Lacan designated the cartel as a vital organ of the School, one of two lungs, along with the pass.

We are all subject to not wanting to know, which Lacan called the passion of ignorance. Cartels offer the possibility of mobilizing desire to go beyond this passion. Lacan chose the signifier cartel for its Italian root, cardo (hinge), with its polyvalent meaning of openness to surprise and discovery, against the inertia of closed groups, and transfer of the cartel work produced out into the School, through written texts or presentations. The Plus-one pursues their own question, but also supports the others, addresses whatever challenges arise, and ensures the cartel’s hinge function in relation to the School.

Permutation is essential to the cartel’s function, so cartels are dissolved after 1-2 years (flash cartels are shorter than 1 year). Each cartelisand or Plus-one may decide to create a “work product”, a written text to be submitted for publication or presented at an event of the School (see “Cartel Events” section below).

The official cartel publication of the New Lacanian School (NLS), 4+one, can be found here.


Cartel Delegate: Jeff Erbe

Cartel Committee: Leticia Lopez, Maurien Caron


To create a cartel it takes a desire to work on a question or subject of interest. You need 3-5 cartelisands (4 is best) and a Plus-one. Meetings can be in-person or online. The cartel decides on a theme, trait of work (each one chooses their own topic related to the theme), and structure (modality, frequency, duration). Then the cartel must be registered by the Plus-one with the NLS directory (see “Cartel Declaration” below), and is knotted when the work begins.

If you are interested in participating in a Cartel, please complete the form below. For assistance connecting with others or a Plus-one, contact the Lacanian Compass Cartel Delegate, Jeff Erbe at


Current cartels that include at least one member of Lacanian Compass:


1) Subject: Writing, Art, and Psychoanalysis
Date of creation: June of 2020

Robert Buck
New York/Atlanta
Does one make or trace a line?

Julie Fotheringham
New York, NY
Art elements in psychoanalysis

Kate Briggs
Melbourne, Australia
to explore the formation of a letter as distinct from a signifier, and how the symptom is written on the body through the incidence of the letter

Elizabeth Rogers
Atlanta, GA
What is it to write in art and in psychoanalysis?

2) Subject The Lacanian Clinical Practice

Date of creation: December 2020
Duration: Two Years

Cathe Stieg
Tacoma, MD
Phone: 630-886-4770
Address: Takoma Park, MD
Trait: ordinary psychosis and the sinthome in the clinic

Joseph Hudson-Martin
Lakeland, Fl
email: joechmartin@gmail
Phone: (863) 808-7416
Address: 190 Fitzgerald Rd. Suite 1Lakeland, FL 33813
Trait: Interpretation in the Clinic

Gabriela Ely
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +5511933747643
Address: Rua Tabapuã, 114 apt.101 Cep. 04533-000, São Paulo – SP
Trait: Demand for psychoanalysis, demand for information.

Ana Helena Barbosa Bezerra de Souza
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Phone No. +55 31 99112-9321
Address: Rua Califórnia, 950/302 Sion Belo Horizonte_MG Brazil 30315-500
Trait: “Can we make-true through fiction? Transference and the act in contemporary clinical practice”

3) Subject: ‘Psychosis, Institution, and the Social Bond’
Date of Creation: March 3, 2020
Type of Cartel: Virtual
Proposed Frequency of Meetings: TBC
Duration: One year

Maurien Caron (Houston, TX)
Subject: “Psychosis and Solitude”

Carmen Navarro-Nino (Houston, TX)
Subject: “Knotting, the Knots of Life in Psychosis”

Valeria Ravier (São Paulo, SP)
Subject: “Between Dream and Delusion: Hysteria and Psychosis, some Difficulties”

Daniel Garcia (Houston, TX)
Subject: “About Kant’s Glove and the Encircling/Girding Function in Psychosis”

4) Subject: ‘On the Clinic of Autism’
Date of Creation: February 2019
Type of Cartel: Virtual
Frequency of Meetings: Once a month
Duration: One year

Isabel Barata Adler (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Subject: “The Direction of the Treatment in the Clinic of Autism”

Reine-Marie Bergeron (Montreal, QC, Canada)
Subject: “Why and how an object, like a mirror or computer is facilitating the exchange between non-verbal autistics and others”

An Bulkens (Chico, CA)
Subject: “What can we learn from autism about lalangue and the written?”

Alicia Foronda (Felton, CA)
Subject: “What can we say about the choice in autism?”

5) Subject:  ‘The Clinic of Foreclosures: Psychosis in Lacan’s Later Teaching’
Start: January 2020
Type: Virtual

Dossia Avdelidi (Athens)
Subject: Transference in later Lacanian teaching.

Argyris Tsakos (Athens)
Subject: Ordinary Psychoses: a psychosis of the contemporary discourse

Azeen Khan (New York)
Subject: 1) What are the consequences of the non-extraction of object a in each of the extraordinary psychoses? 2) What is the status of the ordered pair (S1, a) in the ordinary psychoses?
3) The problem of surplus life (plus de vie) in the clinic of mania-melancholia.

Samya Seth (New York)
Subject: The question of the fantasy and the symptom in the psychoses. The passage from the body event and spare parts to the ordered pair (S1, a).

6) Subject: ‘Discourses’
Duration: 2 years
Begins: April 2020
Type: Virtual

Alicia Foronda (Sta Cruz, CA)
Subject: “Formation of the analyst”

An Bulkens (Chico, CA)
Subject: “Interpretation and construction in Lacan’s late teaching”

Maria Liza Ahearne (San Francisco, CA)
Subject: “Discourses and evaporation of the father”

María Cantarini (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Subject: “Pornography from a Lacanian perspective”

7) Subject: Signifier and body
Type of cartel: virtual
Beginning date: April 2020
Duration: Two years

Oriele Benavides (Princeton, NJ)
Subject: Interpretation in the body and the body of literature.

Christina Garidis (Brooklyn, NY)
Subject: Bridging play, and other media as interpretative forms of the unconscious.

Leticia Lopez (Washington DC)
Subject: The singular invention and the psychoanalyst.

Carlos Rivas (Toronto, Canada)
Subject: Unconscious and Language(s).

8) The Last Teaching on the Screen

Date of Creation: August 3, 2020
Type of Cartel: Online & In-Person

Renata Teixeira

Country: Estados Unidos – City: Miami
Theme: The capitalist discourse and some of its clinical effects

An Bulkens
Country: Estados Unidos – City: Chico – California
Theme: S1/The Letter. Contemporary subjectivity

Francine Danniau
Country: Belgica – City: Ghent
Theme: From signification to satisfaction . Lalangue, the body and jouissance

Nancy Gillespie
Country: U.S.A – City: New York
Theme: From bits of the real to the real unconscious, what can film tell us about the real in the 21st century.

9) Subjet: Exile

Brousse Marie-Hélène (plus-un)

4 bis rue de Cléry 75002 Paris
+33 607248804 EX/Hors de

Assef Jorge

Estrada 205, piso 8
00 Cordoba
+543516539550 Extimidad / exilio / (in)migraciones

Hakobyan Ruzanna

365 boul. St. Joseph West 00 Montréal, Quebec Canada
+15142609959 Exilio y Exhode

Shanahan Florencia

4B Seafield Park
00 Blackrock
+353860673185 Exilio y lenguas

Tenenbaum Karina

501 88 street, Surfside 00 Florida
+17863268402 Exilios

Vigano Ana

Av. Tamaulipas 141, piso 3. Condesa. 00 CdMx
Sujetos en tránsito y mundos discontinuos


10) Subject: The concept of the phallus in Lacan’s teaching

Date of Creation: December 2020
Type of Cartel: Online
Duration: 2 years

Liliana Kruszel (Plus One)
Florida, US
Trait: Phallic jouissance and love

Max Maher
London, UK
Trait: the status of the phallic in the digital subjectivity- social media

Anna De Fillipi
Houston, Tx, US
Trait: Phallus as semblance

Richard Reinhardt
Chicago, US
Trait: The status of the Phallus in conversion

Anke Hennig
Berlin, Germany
Trait: Can Lacan count to two?

11) Subject: Introduction to the Names-of-the-Father and its consequences today

Liliana Kruszel (Plus One)
Hallandale beach, Fl, US

Joel Goldbach
Toronto, CA

Tannaz Shajari
Toronto, CA

Andreea Brabete
Toronto, CA

Andreia Roman
Toronto, CA

12) Subject: Reading testimonies of the Pass
Date of inscription: October, 2021
Duration: 1-2 years
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Type (Virtual or In-person): Virtual

Ines Anderson
Logical Time in testimonies

Robert Buck
The Letter in Pass Testimonies

Nancy Gillespie
Training Effects

Elizabeth Rogers
Topology of the pass

13) Subject: Psychosis
Type of cartel: virtual Beginning date: July 23, 2020. Length: one year (extendable to two). Duration: 2 years

Atara Messinger (Toronto, Canada)
Subject: The Clinician’s Illusion, The Psychotic’s Delusion

Carlos Rivas (Toronto, Canada)
Subject: Maneuvers in psychosis

Maria Ruiz (Toronto, Canada)
Subject: Not-knowing and the Institution

14) Subject of Cartel: “Jouissance and Repetition”
Date of Declaration: 2/26/22
Type (online, in-person, hybrid): Online Cartel
Duration (flash, 1 year, 2 years): 1year
Frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly): Bi-weekly

Plus One
Name: Jose Armando Garcia
Location: Miami, FL
Phone: (305) 323-6016
Trait of work: “Repetition and Iteration in today’s clinical experience”

Cartelisands (3-5 people)
To be completed for each cartelisand

Name: Elisa Acosta
Location: East Brunswick, NJ
Trait of work: “Repetition, Extimacy and their implications for the clinic”

Name: Cristina Laurita
Location: Princeton, NJ
Trait of work: “Clinical dimensions of Jouissance and Repetition”

Name: Guida Diaz Marroquin
Location: Houston, TX
Trait of work: “Repetition and Discursive Jouissance in today’s clinic”

Name: Milena Peréz
Location: Miami, FL
Trait of work: “Phallic jouissance and Repetition”

Name: Sheila Bravo
Location: Cooper City, FL
Trait of work: Jouissance and Repetition in today’s clinic”


Cartels must first be declared and registered by the Plus-one to the New Lacanian School (NLS) using this form.

For cartels that include at least one member of Lacanian Compass, we request the Plus-one complete the form below to be included in our list of active cartels.


Once a cartel has completed its work and has been unknotted, we request the Plus-one to inform the Lacanian Compass Cartel Delegate by writing to


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