The Clinical Seminar is an initiative that seeks to examine what is particular to our clinic in the United States today while strengthening our work transference to the School.

The Clinical Seminar is a program designed to cultivate and promote what is noteworthy and challenging in our clinical practices, providing a space for sustained logical elaboration based on our clinical experience and keeping with our chosen topic for the year. This activity is open to the Lacanian Compass members who are practitioners. The corresponding work program involves two alternating modes of work:

Point Meetings: Reading and discussing available texts that address our topic and work on the clinical case toward the national meeting. Each site decides the frequency of their meetings and specific texts for discussion. National Meetings: Each site will alternate presenting cases at the national meeting of the Clinical Seminar. Participants present cases elaborated on the topic chosen for the year and following discussion of the case at each of the smaller site meetings. The national meeting presentation includes a discussion of the case by honored extimes who are members of the World Association of Psychoanalysis. The national meetings will be on the first Monday of every other month from 12:00 to 1:30 PM, Eastern Time.

Clinical Seminar Coordinator: Cristina Gonzalez
Clinical Seminar Committee: Sergio Garroni (Miami, FL), Azeen Khan (New York, NY), Alícia Foronda (Cross Country)