Fort Lauderdale, Florida
April 5-6, 2024

The next Clinical Study Days theme, “Singularities in Neurosis: Transference and Interpretation,” opens the possibility to bring to our clinical conversation cases that touch on any of these issues as well as on a series of questions.

Psychoanalysis is confronted today with a different paradigm, where our culture does not demand a renunciation, but the right to enjoy.(1)

What is the presentation of neurosis in a time when individuals are not subjected to division by societal norms, shame and ideals, but in a quest for the recovery of jouissance that cancels their division and the possibility of any individual desire to emerge?

Under the invocation of a more ferocious superego—”Enjoy!”—a formulation that accounts for the change in nature of the superego (2) that leaves behind the regimen of the Name-of-the-Father, what is revealed is a subjectivity of impulse, where words fail, and the drive is left wandering, exposing all kinds of violence, addictions and high levels of anxiety, the so called panic attacks.