2000, Marie-Helene Brousse: 1st International Seminar of the Freudian Field (ISFF), NYPI

4/12/2001 Pierre-Gilles Gueguen: What is the Psychoanalytical Treatment According to Lacan, Maison Francaise

Pierre-Gilles Gueguen, 2nd ISFF, Maison Francaise

4/27-28/2002 Eric Laurent et all: Trauma and Its Aftermaths: Eight Case Studies and The Lacanian Orientation Conference, NYPI

12/6/2002, Jean-Pierre Klotz: Does Hysteria Still exist in the 21st. Century?, Maison Francaise

12/7-8/2002, Jean-Pierre Klotz: Hysteria: From Desire to Jouissance: 3rd ISFF, Maison Francaise

4/25/2003, Vicente Palomera: The Psychoanalyst and Psychoanalysis Today, Maison Francaise

4/26-27/2003, Vicente Palomera: The Direction of the Treatment in Obsessional Neurosis: 4th ISFF, Maison Francaise

10/3/2003, Alexandre Stevens: How Does a Lacanian Institution Work with Mentally Ill Children, Maison Francaise

10/4-5/2003, Alexandre Stevens: The Principles of Lacanian Practice: 5th ISFF, Maison Francaise

2/27/2004, Pierre-Gilles Gueguen: Beyond Oedipus in the Era of Globalization, Maison Francaise

2/28/2004, Pierre-Gilles Gueguen: The Decline of the Father and Its Effects in Today’s Symptoms and Jouissance: 6th ISFF, Maison Francaise

4/19/2004, Daniel Sibony: Islam, Terrorism and the Unconscious, Maison Francaise

5/2/2004, Dominique Vallet: Paranoia and Melancholia: Some Similaritie, Maison Francaise

9/24-26/2004, Working With The Symptom, APW, Omaha

10/3/2004, Russell Grigg: Ordinary Psychosis, Maison Francaise

10/28/2004, Marie-Helene Brousse, Maison Francaise

10/29-30/2004, Marie-Helene Brousse: Symptoms and Woman’s Jouissance: 7th ISFF, Maison Francaise

2/25/2005, Jean-Pierre Klotz: How Can The Symptom Cure?, Fordham University

2/25-26/2005, Jean-Pierre Klotz: Symptoms and Their Use in Today’s Psychoanalysis: 8th ISFF, Fordham University

3/23/2005, Pierre-Gilles Gueguen: Can Subjectivity Ever Be Buried?, Barnard College

10/21/2005, Vicente Palomera: Words and the Body: Lacan’s Hypothesis of lalangue and Its Clinical Consequences, Fordham University

10/22/2005, Vicente Palomera: The subject, The Body and Jouissance: 9th ISFF, Fordham University

11/2/2005, Alexandre Stevens: How to Make A Father For Oneself, Barnard College

2/17/2006, Pierre-Gilles Gueguen: Lacan’s Hamlet, Fordham University

2/18/2006, Pierre-Gilles Gueguen: The Father: A Real or a Semblant: 10th ISFF, Fordham University

4/27/2006, Eric Laurent: Why the Unconscious Is Not A Natural Phenomenon?, Barnard College

9/15/2006, Marie-Helene Brousse: The Child: Between Family and Science, Fordham University

9/16/2006, Marie-Helene Brousse: The Objects That Determine US: 11th ISFF, Fordham University

2/23/2007, Alexandre Stevens: Psychosis and the Paternal Function: Can One Choose One’s Father? Fordham University

2/24/2007, Alexandre Stevens: What Has Changed In The Analytic Treatment Of Psychosis?: 12th ISFF, Fordham University

9/5/2007, Mauricio Tarrab: The Pass: A Testimony Of The End Of An Analysis, Barnard College

10/26/2007, Jean-Pierre Klotz: About Transference: Singularities in the World of Globalization, Fordham University

10/27/2007, Jean-Pierre Klotz: Uses of Transference in the Analytic Experience: 13th ISFF, Fordham University

1/25/2008, Vicente Palomera: Civilization and Its Objects, Lies and Disorders, Fordham University

1/26/2008, Vicente Palomera: The Lacanian Body and Its Objects: 14th ISFF, Fordham University

10/24-25/2008, Alexandre Stevens: The Clinic of Happiness: 15th ISFF, Fordham University

8/11/2010, Marco Focchi: Encounters with Sexuality, Barnard College