Lacanian Compass hosts a Reading Seminar for Members of Lacanian Compass.  The Seminar is intended to provide Members an opportunity for close reading of texts of Jacques Lacan and other psychoanalytic texts.  Each individual meeting is facilitated by a different Member of Lacanian Compass or by a Guest speaker that is a colleague of the World Association of Psychoanalysis. For calendar year 2021, participants in the Reading Seminar read Lacan’s Seminar XX and our guests were Eric Laurent, Marie Helene Brousse and Alexndre Stevens.

The meetings are held one Sunday every month, at 11 AM, Eastern Time.

Reading Seminar Coordinator: Nancy Gillespie
Reading Seminar Committee: Elizabeth Rogers 


Radiophonie – 7 Questions, Answers by Lacan

* Question I, Karina Tenenbaum and Cristina Garroni (Jan 8)
* Question II, Laurent Dupont (Feb 5)
* Question III, Jorge Assef (March 26)
* Question IV, Veronique Voruz (April 2)
* Question V, Rik Loose (May 14)
* Question VI, Thomas Svolos (June 11)
* Question VII, Russell Grigg (June 25)